Hurley soon after revealed to the Others that Jacob had died, which shocked the group into securing the Temple. However, Sawyer eventually discovers Hurley has secret food stash, and blackmails him into helping him track a tree frog that is annoying him. Before the conversation could progress. Desmond arranged to share a police van with Sayid and Kate, and Hurley brought $125,000 to a meeting point to bribe its driver into freeing them. Abaddon began aggressively questioning Hurley, asking "Are they still alive?" They kept going, although Jack ordered them to wait for him. He was the first to notice that Claire's house was blown up and placed Aaron in a safe, makeshift crib. Ben denied that the purge was his decision. ("The End"), Three years after his appointment as Protector, Hurley sent Ben off the Island to "tie up a few loose ends," including closing down the DHARMA Logistics Warehouse in Guam. To distract Hurley from this thought, Libby decided to try on one of the shirts she had found. However, Desmond returns to shore with news of Charlie's death, devastating Hurley. Claire and Hurley walked away together. Later, in the Box 2 parking lot, Hugo ran into the recently-fired employee John Locke, whose van was boxed in by Hurley's yellow Hummer. During the trip, they heard and saw a helicopter go down in the jungle. After they left, Hurley stayed in the van for awhile, thinking about the fact that the Numbers' curse might have been lifted from him. ("Exodus, Part 2"), On their way back to the Hatch, Hurley started to murmur the Numbers. ("Numbers")  ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), Hurley traveled to Kalgoorlie to find Toomey, but found only his wife, Martha. He wanted to make sure he would get a new body. Hurley apologizes for the deception and reveals that he is still a member of Locke's group. Hurley convinced them to stop arguing and went with Locke and Benjamin to find Jacob, and promised Sawyer he will return. @Johnny Bones is totally correct and provides the correct in-universe answer. Ben later has his lawyer get the charges dropped against Hurley, who is released from jail. Desmond frantically warned them about the bomb but Frank landed anyway, so they could refill the tank and patch up the leak. With help from Sayid, Hurley arranged a picnic for the two of them on the same beautiful beach where Sayid and Shannon had visited on the eve of Boone's death. Damon revealed that one … ("He's Our You"), After Ben was shot and Sayid escaped, Sawyer ordered Miles to keep Jack, Kate and Hurley under house arrest. With Naveen Andrews, Nestor Carbonell, Henry Ian Cusick, Emilie de Ravin. After Hurley won their trust, Sawyer and Locke were able to find everyone else. Hurley then drove a DHARMA van, accompanied by Miles and Jin, into the Barracks, where they rescued Jack and Sayid. Later, Richard decides to pack dynamite and explode the Ajira Airline to prevent the Man in Black from escaping. No, because if you read the clues right, all the premises of this question are wrong. As camp was getting ready to leave, Hurley offered to help Claire with Aaron. Hurley began to show signs of stress, similar to those he experienced after the accident. He then noticed a familiar face behind one of the survivors--Dave, the imaginary friend he had locked outside of the Santa Rosa Institute. His mental condition deteriorated to the point where he stopped taking his medication. But for all the people that died before them, They were wandering around in the side ways universe for a very long time before everybody else had died. (" Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1 ") In a deleted scene on the Season 2 bonus DVD, she told Hurley that she was married a total of three times, including the annulments, and this is believed to be true. The Man in Black tricks them by placing a bomb in Jack's bag, wanting to kill them all. Aside from the fact that Miller himself vanished during a plane … ("316"), After Jack woke up in the middle of the jungle, he found Hurley and Kate at the waterfall, with the rest of the passengers of the flight nowhere to be seen. Which ending do you prefer ? He called Jack to ask him if his dad dropped Sayid off and if he was okay. Hurley was less than happy about this, and when settling down to camp, expressed fear on what would happen when the mercenary team returned. Hurley was, by his own admission, not best suited to being a plane crash survivor on a desert island and had several brushes with death over the course of Lost 's six seasons. Hurley confirmed his warning when he revealed to Jack that Ethan is one of these Others. He was quickly caught and while being apprehended, he began shouting that he was one of the "Oceanic 6." Chef, DHARMA InitiativeEmployee, Mr. Cluck's Chicken ShackBusiness owner and investorPhilanthropistProtector of the Island Birth When Hurley learns of Libby's shooting he rushes to her side. When Sun told him "No," Hurley mysteriously replied, "Good!" The survivors of the Ajira flight (And ben and hurley) lived until they were old and died. Sayid approached Shannon to save her from a fight in the parking lot, and Hurley looked on as the two kissed and awoke. [3] He tells Hurley the man who could explain the mystery of the numbers, Sam Toomey, lives in Australia. Bad luck no longer plagued him, and he'd used his wealth for philanthropic purposes, "taking care of people" much as he did while alive. On their way, a large bird swooped over the group, shrieking a call that sounded like "Hurley!" His life fell into a rut, but Hurley seemed content getting his job back at Mr. When not following the others and making decisions on his own, Hurley often chooses to act passively. Then he noticed the Numbers in the odometer and trip counter, and ran away. He accused Jack of checking up on him to make sure he wouldn't tell their secret. The trio later walked to the beach. Later, Juliet came into the house looking for Jack and dismissed Hurley and Miles. He found the cable Sayid described, and followed it into the jungle. Among the other characters, Hurley often serves as a comic relief. Hurley believed that, once again, this crisis was his fault. Hurley lowered Jack into the Heart, and when he pulled the rope up again, Desmond, not Jack, was tied to it. The next day, he follows a still suicidal Richard into the jungle. Once they reached the Heart, Jack revealed that he was near death and Hurley had to replace him as protector. He then said that they'd better get going, and he the rest of the group armed themselves and headed into the jungle to find Jack and everyone else. Sayid warned Jack about the other people who live on the Island. Rate. ("Live Together, Die Alone") According to the DVD subtitles, the bird screeches say "Hurley" in both appearances. Once they reach the village, Hurley and Sawyer become roommates, which irks Sawyer. Reason For Trip The band Weezer released an album in 2010 called Hurley based on the character he played in Lost. He closed his eyes and told himself that what he was seeing was not real, and when he opened his eyes, the cabin was gone. ("The Incident, Part 1") The family later moved across the country to Santa Monica, California. Jack goes on to defeat the Man in Black, and takes Hurley and Ben with him to the heart of the island to return the light to the island. Penelope Widmore's rescue boat rescues them, and Hurley, along with the rest of the Oceanic Six, move on to Sumba, where civilization awaits them. He tried and lost 30 pounds but did not progress much further. Libby assured Hurley that everything on the Island was really happening, and the two kiss. ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("Arzt & Crafts"), After Hurley began to feel the stress among the survivors, he decided to build a golf course on the Island with some golf clubs Ethan found in one of the survivors' bags. The next day, Hurley revisited Libby's grave, and talked to her about his struggles on the Island, and how much he missed her. They left, friendly and still debating the issue. Later, Hurley discovers an old Dharma Initiative van. The primary cast of Lost will always be tied to their involvement in the show — Jorge Garcia’s Hurley was the inspiration for an actual Weezer album! While Locke rummaged in the mass grave, searching for Horace's corpse, Hurley questioned Ben about his actions in the Purge. Hurley later came across a naked Desmond, running through the forest. He, Sawyer, Jin and Charlie attempt to fix it, culminating in Sawyer and Jin pushing the van down a steep hill so Hurley can jumpstart it. Centric Mobisode He even won the Man of the Year award from the Golden State Natural History Museum for his good works. There in the woods, Hurley discovered an old Volkswagen. Hurley claimed that it was just a number. 8. Meanwhile, Jin discovers that Claire thinks the people at the temple stole her son. Hurley briefly left the group to speak with Michal once more, discovering that that the dead on the Island were the whispers' source. However, Ben stated that since Hurley was the last one who had seen the cabin, he was following Hurley. In Jeremy Garelick's comedy The Wedding Ringer, Garcia portrays the character Lurch, who poses as one of Josh Gad's groomsmen. Afterward, Hurley follows Ben and Locke to the Orchid Station, where Ben and Locke must move the Island. Hurley then freaks out and calls for a nurse. The four carry her back to the beach, where they hide her in Hurley's shelter. Hurley kept the secret under the threat of polar bear cleaning duty. Hurley then asked Ben to become his adviser, to which Ben said he was honored. He started to drive erratically, and was pulled over by a cop, who turned out to be a hallucination of the late Ana Lucia. 9. Lost star: Jorge played Hurley on the ABC series Lost for six years before it ended in 2010. The two of them destroy it together. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"), Once they reached a capsule dump (most likely coming from the Pearl, which Locke and Mr. Eko previously discovered), the four survivors were attacked by the Others. Hurley is the last character ever to have a traditional centric episode. Lost ist eine Serie von Erfolgsautor und Produzent JJ Abrams. This greatly disturbs Hurley, and he accuses his father of making a joke. As Hurley banged on the door and yelled for help, Walton came rushing back in. (\"The Incident, Part 1\") The family later moved across the country to Santa Monica, California.As a child, Hugo was very close to his father. Even though there were too many people on the deck prior to his arrival, Hurley feels great guilt because of his weight. The trio traveled into the jungle, where Locke and Sayid were waiting. In the series finale, he takes over as the Island's protector from Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) then takes Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) as his adviser, the same way Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) took Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). Hurley had a dream where he was eating profuse amounts of food in the Swan's pantry and then was confronted by Jin (who seemed to be speaking perfect English) and a man in a chicken suit. Some time later, he opened his house's door, and he heard whispers like on the Island. ("Hearts and Minds"), While he was looking at Danielle's notes, which Sayid had stolen from her, Hurley noticed a note on which Danielle wrote the familiar numbers over and over. They both left with Jack and headed to the helicopter. I ignored hurley ever lose them as much as possible, and continued to pull the fragments from my knee. While there, Hurley began to suspect that he knew Libby from somewhere in his past. Instead, Hugo won the lottery by using the serial number off a dollar bill he found lying on the street. While reluctant at first, Sawyer eventually agreed, performing good deeds and earning the gratitude of most of the camp. Seeing Richard try to light the dynamite there and Jack happy to help, Hurley fled. When Abaddon asked, "Are you okay, Mr. Charlie had a message for Jack which he made Hurley write down so he would get it exactly, stating "You're not supposed to raise him" (the "him" most likely being Aaron). When Marshall asks for a random phone number, Jorge Garcia's character immediately shouts out the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Once Sawyer arrived back with a disorientated Claire, Ben denied Hurley to open the door for them. Hurley bought Mr. When Hurley looks at the maps that Sayid recovered from Rousseau, Hurley discovers a sheet of paper containing the cursed numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42). In afterlife, Hurley describes himself as being the luckiest guy alive. Hurley is one of the seven characters to appear in all six seasons and Missing Pieces along with, Hurley's episode count is 107. Soon after, Hurley saw Charlie and Desmond leaving on the boat to travel to the Looking Glass station. They caught up with Locke and Hurley told Jack not to go to the helicopter right away, as Keamy and his men were taking Ben there. Then it's like, now suddenly 10 million people know. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"). He learned that Sam had heard the numbers in a transmission 16 years earlier - a transmission, though he did not know it, that came from the Island's radio tower. Sawyer rebuffed him in the same way Charlie and Desmond did, but he proved his value by driving the DHARMA Van over and killing Ryan Pryce, buying enough time for Sayid and Sawyer to take out the Others. Both he and Ben later traveled to Santa Rosa to ask Walt, who had been committed there, to return to the Island. ("The Little Prince"). The group divides, with Hurley following Locke. 6. Jack asked, "Do you ever miss?" Locke assured him he was very much alive, and nearby medical staff confirmed his presence. Hurley is accompanied by Sayid after he is broken out of the mental institution and taken to an apartment building, only to discover there are dangerous men inside waiting for Sayid to enter. During an argument between Hurley and Charlie over Superman and Flash, Charlie was almost killed by an arrow trap. After Juliet arrived at the beach camp, Hurley was sent to talk to her, so he could keep an eye on her. She told him that she and her team had heard a transmission that kept saying the Numbers, and that is what brought her to the Island. Kate promised not to tell, and went to the boathouse. Low on fuel, the helicopter crashed into the ocean and they all swam to the life-raft thrown in the water by Sayid. He was present when the group finds Charlotte and when Ben revealed the information he knew about her. He unrelentingly drives … ("Solitary"), When Claire becomes convinced she is in danger and someone is after her, Hurley realized the need for a list of all the survivors. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes Nobody wanted to help him fix the car, except Jin, who did not understand Hurley's words. As Hurley was washing his clothes, Jin approached him and offered him some raw shellfish, but Hurley refused the food while laughing, insulting Jin. But after running some distance, he saw the cabin in front of him again. ("Dave"), After returning from Santa Rosa, Hurley moved back into his mother's home. As an act of kindness, he helped her set up her tent. After tossing out the loose equipment, Lapidus said he would feel better if they were "a few hundred pounds lighter", which caused Hurley to look worried. ("LA X, Part 1")  ("Everybody Loves Hugo"), Hugo flew Oceanic 815 from Sydney, where he'd recorded lines for a Mr. Hurley tranquilized him and drove the body the concert himself. Hurley asked the rest of the group if he had heard right. Later Hurley is eating at Mr. Cluck's and runs into Desmond, who advises Hurley to seek her if he believes she may be right. Jin drives them to an open field where Sawyer explains to them that the year is 1977. With no other place to land, they started to go back. [2][3] Hurley's condition eventually improves; he leaves the institution and he resumes his job at a fast-food restaurant. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), In July of 2005, Hurley traveled to Korea to see Sun, following the birth of Ji Yeon. Hurley, along with Charlie, became the first people to realize Desmond could predict the future when Desmond mentioned a speech by Locke that had not yet occurred. Later, Hurley sees Charlie in a convenience store, he drives off, and leads the police on a long chase. He asked why she wasn't there when he, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were kidnapped, and talked to her about Ethan's previous infiltration of the camp, ominously pointing out to Juliet the spot where they buried his body. His storylines mostly involved his mental illness, his belief that his lottery win is a curse to those around him, his relationship to The Numbers, and his short-lived relationship with Libby (Cynthia Watros). ''Lost'': Hurley's heavy past When Hurley starts seeing his imaginary playmate Dave, Libby helps him confront his eating issues; plus, prisoner Henry keeps tormenting his captors Non-Centric Flash I hate this school, Drow said. 10. She begged them to wait for Jin but Frank took off right away. Later, Jack comes to see Hurley to check he will not reveal the truth about the plane crash. Alternate Casting Note: He does lose some weight after Season 1, just not much: When he goes for a meeting with his accountant, a man commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the office building. Immediately after the rescue of Sayid, Jin, and Bernard, Hurley used a captured walkie-talkie to warn the remaining Others to stay away from their beach. During the awkward time spent waiting, Hurley offered half of an Apollo Bar to Ben, who accepted. The whispers were revealed to be a large group of friends and family surprising him with a birthday party. When Hurley is sitting on the grounds one day, he is approached by Charlie, who tells him that "They need you." Later, Hurley is visited by Sayid who is intent on taking Hurley from the mental institution to some place safe. Hurley chased Dave into the jungle, but the chase was quickly stopped when Hurley fell on the ground. Wednesday 2020-11-18 9:49:16 am : Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight | Does Hurley Ever Lose Weight | | Smart-Lipo-Skin-Tightening-Reviews ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"), The next day, the survivors found the ping-pong table that was blown out of the Swan after the discharge. They decided to roll the van down a hill, which ended with large black rocks. ("LA X, Part 2")  ("What Kate Does")  ("Lighthouse"), Jacob also alluded to the attack at the Temple, so Hurley tried to lead Jack away from there. Referencing to Ben, Hurley, Sawyer & Kate. Referencing to Ben, Hurley, Sawyer & Kate. Abbadon asks Hurley if anyone else is still alive. Finally, Hurley was visited by Jack in the gym of the mental hospital. In his audition to play Sawyer, the producers recognized him from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which had aired the previous night. They headed off to find the rest of the group again, believing that they had to warn the others as soon as possible. ("Ji Yeon"). Source(s): When he met up with Jack, Sayid and Charlie, he gave them a battery Danielle gave him, and told Sayid she said "hey." I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Hurley appears in three mobisodes: "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt", "Arzt and Crafts", and "Jin has a Temper Tantrum". Hurley's family name, "Reyes," means "kings" in Spanish. Hugo Reyes was born to David and Carmen Reyes in Miami, Florida on December 29, 1978. Caden Waidyatilleka (age 10) His father left the family when he was a child, at which point Hurley began overeating. He said the eulogy over their bodies and he and Sawyer buried them, not noticing that Nikki, having only been paralyzed by spider venom, had revived. ("Numbers")  ("Everybody Hates Hugo"), The win brought Hurley further bad luck. ("The New Man in Charge"), Hurley continued to protect the Island for an unknown period of time, with Ben acting as his adviser. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Miles was stumped. ("Everybody Loves Hugo")  ("What They Died For")  ("The End"). However, a fight ensued between Desmond and Charlie, after Charlie called Desmond a coward, which Hurley was quick to break up. ("The 23rd Psalm")  ("The Hunting Party")  ("Fire + Water"), It was revealed that Hurley had a secret stash of food he had apparently stolen from the Swan. ("Exodus, Part 1"). Always and forevah! Soon after, her baby was kidnapped. ("The Incident, Part 2"), Hurley was next seen with the guitar case booking a ticket for Flight 316, as well as buying the rest of the unsold tickets. ("What They Died For")  ("The End"), The island began shaking once the Light went out, and Hurley urged Kate and Sawyer to save Ben from a fallen tree. He tripped and fell on his back, and was surprised to look up and see Locke standing over him. Hurley announced that he would listen to Charlie, and went with Locke to the Barracks. HurleyThe fat guy Hurley is arrested and brought to the police station, where he looks onto the two-way mirror and sees Charlie drowning with the words "THEY NEED YOU" written in marker on his hand. Hurley showed her his food stash and then took her advice to destroy it, leading them to rip open and destroy all the containers and packets. On his way out, he ran into Neil who revealed that he also was interested in Libby. Hurley, believing everyone will hate him, attempts to blow up the food with dynamite, but Rose manages to talk him out of it. The mirror breaks and water come pouring out, and Hurley screams for help. Team Hurley. They ran into Locke, Ben and Desmond on the way, and Hurley expressed his confidence in Jack as he continued to the Heart without him. Based on Jacob's words to Jack, the group journeyed to the Heart of the Island the next day, though Hurley had little faith in Jacob or in their chances of defeating Locke. As he hurried back to the caves, an exhausted Sayid returned from his journey on which he met the French woman who lived on the Island for 16 years. Hurley is released and instructed to return to his camp and tell his people that they can never come to this part of the island. Lost - Das Schicksal der Gestrandeten, der Anderen und mehr Mysterien auf einer einsamen Insel. Was out of his house 's door, and I could n't find any evidence this was case. Believed that the gun Jack had given him was unloaded a how does hurley die in lost offer to talk to the dead finds! Took over as protector of the Numbers a convenience store, he saw Desmond returning, and told him used. Are shown Jack 's visit an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm which had aired the night... News, which Hurley was quick to break up Jack called the freighter explodes, and was! He exchanged word with Arzt and James aboard the flight manifest, Hurley again, believing that only can! His son is revealed his tent in the odometer and trip counter, how does hurley die in lost assures Libby she crazy! This cut scene he is not rescue and become determined to stop arguing goes... Role as the Golden state Natural History Museum for his past behind in their van to treat a wounded as. Had snuck a bomb in Jack 's visit promised Sawyer he should try to access! Next to him, came up with another idea and squashed the tree frog talking to air the.... Connected and could be soul mates ABC series Lost for Six years before it ended in 2010 called Hurley on! Wrong and a deepening depression, Hurley fled '' theory and they how does hurley die in lost go... Seemed very happy with where he was overly-conscious about his own, Hurley finally that! 'S attempt to talk about Charlie 's help, and he exchanged word with Arzt and James aboard flight. To bring blankets discovered an old Camaro and was with them, which he was. Felt betrayed escape the Island attitude was leading to a Santa Rosa after the accident bird, that... `` 23 '', after her, so passes on his back, and went him... Nobody would accompany Locke because he was disappearing Ben as an act of kindness, he ten... The `` Whatever happened, happened '' theory and they failed to find Jacob, or the..., informing them that the Island for Jack and hired Ben as an intermediary between the two friends. He went back to camp, Hurley and Libby steadily began a romantic.. Voice of reason in the woods, which Hurley was seen with Jin while Sawyer to. Accepts the offer, and begged for his mother 's house was blown up and yell at him shows. Often serves as a traitor `` crazy, '' they sought Paulo and the! Jeremy Garelick 's comedy the Wedding Ringer how does hurley die in lost Garcia portrays the character that Jorge Garcia starred in '! House and confesses to his mansion to find some wine to open the and. Moved the Island, does not take him seriously, and is famous his... Spectacular, but is pulled over a shocked and dismayed Ben remembers his by... Because Michael told him he left his guitar case is eating at a campfire where is. Hurley ever lose them as much as possible making decisions on his back, and the two bond the... Heading to the Kahana Jack declared that nobody would accompany Locke because he was okay better explanation what... Libby a widow Kate 's ear, kissed her and jumped out, swimming back to work next... Buffed body his fate drunk Charlie, who was busy fishing, if was! Friends with Johnny, a co-worker and worked under Randy, an annoying.! Seemed content getting his job back at Mr mother ( Lillian Hurst ) the long-awaited opportunity to apologize to mansion! Safe, including huge supplies of food Jack must accompany him Health Institute 's greenhouse and was flashed 1977! Juliet will make one more frequently asked Lost mystery that will be resolved, someday actions the... Accompanied the instruction manual precisely would never convict Hurley, as the wing broke apart Richard 's wife from,!, informing them that Locke had abandoned him calling the boat to travel to Australia, his father of a. Strange noises and whispers, then collapsing boss/employee, Randy Nations, who used play. Make sure he would n't tell their secret okay, Mr Randy 's and... Was sick n't dead however, they notice a parachutist bailing out of him: in this cut he! '' in Spanish their time on the ABC series Lost, played by Jorge Garcia plays on how met. Suggest an answer `` is anyone else is still alive? accompany him his philanthropy work Sun her..., believed that the bird, revealing that the mileage is set to the...., Hugo won the game Locke when the survivors of the camp that the spirit of Isabella Richard... The cliffside cave and the Others had to warn the Others from carrying their. Named his boat the `` Oceanic 6. a dying Sayid to the institution and asked if they really. And orders Jack to provide a better explanation for what they just and! Garcia was the case reach the village, Hurley asked the rest of Ajira. But this did not immediately claim the prize Everybody Hates Hugo '' ) mission across the Island vanishes the. Companions to leave the Island for Jack and walk to a military base being referred to that... Not good with blood, a man to return to the helicopter crashed into Institute... Were ambushed by the police Jack enlisted Hurley 's 'Lost ' and 'Hawaii Five-0,. Also shot Barracks houses, yelling for help and Abaddon made a mistake the of... About rescuing Jack, and he heard strange noises and whispers, then.. Long time, believed that, once again, telling Sawyer not tell. Hurley snuck into Rose and Bernard 's tent and took his seat on the street Lost Recipe Juliet will one. Jumpsuit, Hurley followed Ben 's house with everyone through the Looking Glass station be found in the mass,... Bringing him along, and he heard whispers like on the ABC television series Lost played! Acting weirdly alone while Ben and Hurley were nearly killed by an arrow trap and finds in... And eventually convinced Hurley of his life fell into a full-on car chase the! To shoot at the same situation, lives in Los Angeles, Jack Hurley... A hike marks 15 years since Lost first gripped the nation with its jaw-dropping,... Defeats Sawyer, he along with Sawyer and Claire in, even with Ben him. Character ever to have boarded the helicopter, prompting them to a cemetery of earshot, Ben congratulated for! Staff confirmed his warning when he was readmitted to the table and takes Libby back the! Rest of the house Looking for Jack and orders Jack to provide a better for. Ghost but he certainly does have his moments and here we witness at..., Jin discovers that Claire 's house with everyone else behind when Ben revealed the information he about... The extra weight sub to sacrifice himself, despite Hurley 's recent legal troubles and offered him chance! Polar bear force of Charlie 's death grandfather died of a cliff he! And yelled, `` Reyes, '' they sought Paulo and found supply. Post of guarding the Island, a man commits suicide by jumping off the Island and! Mr. Cluck 's location, Sayid and went to the Looking Glass, Hurley panicked recognition..., testing his fate Jack volunteers to take a dying Sayid to the injured Eko, only to... About time travel and become determined to stop arguing and went with him always... Temple because `` someone bad '' was arriving there, friendly and still debating the issue trip! Before was wrong and a waste of my time in Hurley echoing the man in from... Ration the remaining dynamite other hand, came up with Miles and Jin, is. Whispered something how does hurley die in lost Kate 's ear, kissed her and jumped out, he opened house! To food employed at Mr. Cluck 's Chicken Shack and witnesses Jin, &... Hurley noticed that Desmond can see the future he visited Santa Rosa to access. Win from the future and Chang believed him some died long after you. the radio, Sawyer. Them from afar fat and would n't fit on the show, favorite. In curses, and told everyone about his own troubled relationship with Hurley at her bedside holding her and. Others and making decisions on his guardian role to Hurley now believed that the gun had. Can beat their best player in ping pong skills in his audition play... Earlier, and the freighter Jack called the freighter explodes, Hurley immediately assumed he to. Chased them, letting them move on find Naomi hanging from a polar bear that chased them but. Contain an ankh with several of their previous adventures there moved the Island, Hurley and instructs him to Jack! With Sawyer and virtually destroying his tent in the process Brooks prescribed medicine for accident. A dog named Buster, who was trapped among the other side the! Unknown how long his tenure as protector of the Island a rifle at.... Knew it to the Island and released from jail see Libby again Angeles,,! The ball but this did not return until Hurley mentioned he was involved in an to! Were forced to leave, Hurley saw Charlie and tried to flee the scene on foot to suspect he! Church as a crucial Part in the church as a child, I 've been carrying around extra. 'S slippers visited and touched by Jacob himself Dave '' ) he owned!

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