Gold Sometimes "rains" refers to a season of heavy rainfall, such as the monsoon in many countries. All chapters are listed in chronological order. From this point onward, Jayden can choose to continue or give up on the investigation at any time. The watch clue does not have to be found in order for Jayden to narrow the suspects down and head to the warehouse. In Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3, the hunt is on for the so-called Origami Killer, providing an emotionally engaging thrill-ride, from start to finish. In chapter 47) Solving the puzzle: Give up In chapter 51) Killer's Place: Escape, but without the adress. Her death will have numerous consequences: For the transcript of this chapter, see Solving the Puzzle/Transcript. If Norman spends enough time in ARI to make his skin turn pale and blood run down his eyes and then chooses to give up, the blood is mysteriously gone. For Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Solving the Puzzle (spoilers)". (The others are ", This chapter will be skipped if Norman is killed in ", This is one of the few chapters where the opening can be changed. Doing so will help Ethan reach his car without being bothered by the reporters ... See: Walktrough/Heavy Rain Endings Guide PREVIOUS. By examining the clues he retrieved during "Fish Tank," he learns that the killer's gun was stolen from police lockup and the killer is or was a police lieutenant, and comes to suspect Blake of being the killer because of his obsession with proving that Ethan is the killer. ... Love this post! Next Old Warehouse Prev Solving the Puzzles. If Jayden chooses not to back off or doesn't notice the watch before accusing Blake, the scenario results in Jayden pointing a gun at Blake in front of the whole station and attempting to arrest him, which in turn leads to Captain Perry removing Jayden from the case and sending him packing, telling him his superiors will hear about his behavior. Rainfall Car info (All found in Mad Jack's garage.) You can still solve the case without every single one, but you will not get the trophy if you do. Jayden will act confused, to which Blake reveals that Jayden forgot to turn off the camera in the interrogation room, so he has footage of Norman assisting a suspect. ... Chapter 47: Solving the Puzzle (Norman) ... and dropped receipts), he will be able to acquire a likely suspect. - Killer's Place - Madison dies. Friday Blake dismisses this and tells him he's suspended since the order's on its way, and he had him pegged from day one. This level does not contain any important choices, but you can win the first trophy here. If Norman takes too long to solve the puzzle, he will die due to too much exposure to ARI or the Triptocaine, which the barman warned him about. This will unlock the endings: But that is only a guess. If you also found the killer's gun at Paco's place, that will be the last piece of new evidence. In this chapter, Norman Jayden is told he's off the case. This chapter begins with Norman Jayden frustrated that he cannot find the identity of the Origami Killer despite the clues he has gathered and furious with the incompetence and politicking of the local department. Next That is not the case here. The ending is really a collection of multiple epilogues, reflecting the outcomes for the various characters. Gas Station Receipts (In the Blue Lagoon, you must tear off the Origami Killer's pocket when he leaves.) In this chapter, Norman Jayden is told he's off the case. This is designed by Christophe Laronde. Have Madison escape, but she doesn't look at the laptop to find the address. Obtainable Trophies None The barman in the ARI environment once again warns him not to overindulge in "you-know-what," which he says can be very dangerous and may kill Jayden. Solving The Puzzle: Let Norman solve the puzzle. I envisioned some kind of tilt board that would let one put a puzzle together without leaning over it. Crime Scene • Welcome, Norman • Kick Off Meeting • Nathaniel • Covered Market • Shrink and Punches • Jayden Blues • Under Arrest • Mad Jack • Fish Tank • Solving the Puzzle • The Old Warehouse, Chapters Played as Madison Regardless, Jayden takes a dose of Triptocaine to relieve his symptoms and returns to ARI to look over the available evidence. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for Heavy Rain. Jayden tells Blake that it isn't over and he has no evidence of Ethan Mars' guilt. 6:30 PM If Norman fails to find the warehouse and is not called by Madison, he will always get the "Resignation" or "Smoking Mirror" endings depending on if Shaun is saved or dies. On this page of our guide to Heavy Rain we have provided a description of Solving the Puzzle scene. Norman must find all clues using ARI, in the chapters "Crime Scene," "Mad Jack," and "Fish Tank." Of course, you can always close the ARI and give up on the puzzle if you want to, though this will prevent Norman from finding the warehouse unless you choose to have Madison call him in "Killer's Place. (The chapter opens with Norman in his office, using ARI to sift through evidence.) This page contains info on Chapter 45 of the game: Solving the If Norman released Ethan without turning off the video camera in "Under Arrest," the opening of this chapter will change. Ending 4 (Tears in Rain): - After doing Ending #3, go back to Killer's Place. None (Note that if only Norman and Madison arrive at the warehouse, Norman is guaranteed to survive unless Madison is killed at the start of the fight.). - Solving the Puzzle - Jayden gives up. This interactive drama/thriller video game for the PS3 is quite different than the "shoot-em-up" video games. (It may appear to the player Norman's left eye is bleeding at first, but in reality, it's his right.) The 18 possible epilogues technically form Bronze and you will find that there is only one cop that lives in the Geo-analyse area and that the cop owns a. Geoanalyze the gas receipts; Analyze and Geoanalyze the Killer's Gun; Analyze and Geoanalyze "The Killer Is A Cop" Norman can DIE here. Ending 5 (Helpless, Square One, A Mother's Revenge): - Go back to On the Loose. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Heavy Rain Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Last Christmas, I made my own felt-covered, heavy-duty cardboard board to “puzzle on” and would carefully carry it and put it away (usually on top of ... I’ll allow myself the pleasure of getting lost in puzzle solving. This page of Heavy Rain Game Guide contains a description of The Doc scene. Concentrations of raindrops typically range from 100 to 1,000 per cubic meter (3 to 30 per cubic foot); drizzle droplets usually are more numerous. If Norman dies, he will be out of the rest of the game and the player will receive the "Uploaded" ending. When the drops are smaller, the precipitation is usually called drizzle. Heavy Rain - 100% Achievement Walkthrough. It's finally here - the videogame to single-handedly scare all those stubborn Hollywood executives who still doubt the power of real-time interactivity in If he does not find this clue before he accuses him, he will not be given this option. Madison Paige visits Dr. Adrian Baker's residence. ", 2 seconds before "Blake, you are an unbalanced, psychopathic asshole!". If Norman finds the warehouse (either by solving the case or being called by Madison), he will always get the "Uploaded" or "Case Closed" ending, depending on whether or not he survives his fight with the Origami Killer. (Stardust will eventually produce physical strength, along with every other increase in skill or you can use the physical strength potion of Rocks+Rain Water+Golden Relics.) Or analyse the video record of the fight with the Origami Killer in the Blue Lagoon and stop at the moment the watch is visible and then analyse it. After 6 minutes, the ARI simulated environment will start to turn red and frightening, and Norman's right eye will bleed. Analyze the Fish Tank video, finding and analyzing the Killer's Watch. Blake dismissively insists that Ethan is guilty, case closed, and it's no longer Jayden's concern. Whatever’s in that vial, it looks like it tastes awful, but it’s not fatal. It's heavy and something is growing under it. Jayden is disgusted by Blake and shouts that he is an "unbalanced, psychopathic asshole," which Blake accepts as a compliment. For the first time, the life of the controlled character will be in real danger. Important: Madison can die in this chapter. In order to solve the puzzle, you will need to have picked up the receipts on the floor in the Blue Lagoon. If Jayden pauses the ARI footage the moment the killer's watch is visible, and analyzes a still frame of the killer's watch, he will recognize the watch as the same one that is given to police lieutenants for promotions as seen earlier in the game. This makes sense because he had already started bleeding from the eyes and nose before dying. Blake instead barges into Norman's office, scolding him for letting Ethan go. To receive the Nerd trophy, the following must be completed: 1. As expected, the reporter's life will be in danger. Heavy Rain Wiki Guide. For Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "need help on solving the puzzle ~ Spoilers". After 2 more minutes (8 total), lightning will flash in the now harsh environment, and Norman's left eye will bleed. He knows Shaun Mars only has hours to live and Ethan is innocent. Part of Heavy Rain on PS3 The final part of the Nerd trophy. Furious with Blake's incompetence and Perry's disinterest, Jayden makes one last attempt to discover the identity of the Origami Killer by examining all available evidence via ARI. If Norman dies, he can be heard making choking sounds while holding his throat and frantically swiping his other hand. For the walkthrough of this chapter, see Solving the Puzzle/Walkthrough. Prologue • The Mall • Father and Son • The Shrink • The Park • Where's Shaun? (The others are ". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. )(14,000+ views? 5.272 inches Heavy Rain Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. PC PlayStation 4. Any Norman Jayden chapters after this point will be skipped. Chapter Chronology This is what happens when you don't shut off the camera before you let Ethan Mars escape. Back to Norman again, he is sitting in his office in the ARI looking over the clues. Nerd is the eighth chapter in Heavy Rain. Second, analyse the 45 Caliber gun and you will find out that it was used by cops. "Solving the Puzzle" is the forty-seventh chapter in Heavy Rain. Last, Geo-analyse the new clue "Killer is or was a cop?" If Norman does back off, he will continue his investigation. He tells Jayden to have a nice trip back to Washington as he leaves. (Ethan cannot be killed here, but he can get banged up.) Chapter Details, 45 Caliber Pistol (Blue Lagoon, the murder weapon used to kill. Chapters Played as Ethan Norman tells him that Ethan is innocent and he is not the killer. It is possible that the blood was just a hallucination from the ARI. Solving the Puzzle • Paparazzi • Lexington Station • The Motel • The Bear • The Butterfly • The Lizard • Fugitive • The Shark • On the Loose • The Rat • The Old Warehouse, Chapters Played as Scott All you need to solve the puzzle are the receipts and the video. (Requested by Thymine7 ... sorry it took so long! "Where's Shaun?" The Rat question on Solving the Puzzle....spoilers Heavy Rain. This is by default the penultimate scene where Madison manages to break into the home of Origami Killer. Furious with Blake's incompetence and Perry's disinterest, Jayden makes one last attempt to discover the identity of the Origami Killer by examining all available evidence via ARI. Played As 1 Overview 2 Description 3 Transcript 4 Trivia 5 Videos In this chapter, Ethan desperately tries to find Shaun. Day You need a person who is at 100/100 on physical strength to pull the dead stump off. 1 Good Outcome 1.1 List of Critical Clues 1.2 What to Do 2 Bad Outcome 2.1 Taking Too Long 2.2 Accusing Blake Car info from the wasteland (Found at the first crime scene.) In this chapter, you can earn two new trophies. In this chapter, Norman Jayden is told he's off the case. Believe it or not, the gas receipts are a must - if you don't have these then you can't solve the case. Rain, precipitation of liquid water drops with diameters greater than 0.5 mm (0.02 inch). Twins • Hold My Hand • Police News • Goodbye Lauren. His death will not be mentioned in the news report. You will find out that the golden watch is awarded to cops that are promoted to lieutenants, giving you further proof that the killer is a cop. So don't take up too much time. Carter Blake comes into his "office" and tells Jayden it's over, he can go back to Washington, they're confident Ethan is the killer and Jayden is off the investigation. After waking from the blackout at the park, the player must react quickly to avoid a truck that will nearly run Ethan over. After 10 minutes total, Norman's nose will bleed and he'll die. Goodbye Lauren. Some people miss them, because they're not recognized by ARI. Blake has a possible additional dialogue in this chapter. During this stage, Norman will use his "magic" glasses to identify the killer's whereabouts. Noticing this clue will determine whether Jayden is given the choice of backing off of Blake should he decide to accuse him. MY STORE: I'm going to attempt to solve the ULTRA RARE Mechanigma Puzzle Box by NKD. This is the transcript of "Solving the Puzzle," the forty-seventh chapter of Heavy Rain. He tells Norman that he'll have all the time in the world to "use his glasses in prison" and that he'll have fun before storming out.,  This is one of four chapters where Norman can die. Previous Sleepless Night • First Encounter • The Nurse • Fugitive • The Doc • Sexy Girl • On the Loose • Ann Sheppard • Killer's Place • The Old Warehouse, Other Chapters "Solving the Puzzle" is the forty-seventh chapter in Heavy Rain. Time None ----- CH37 - SOLVING THE PUZZLE ----- "Nerd" - I hope you got all the clues in the three crime scenes, because you need them to get this. Perhaps there are periods of heavy rain alternating with periods of no rain or lighter rain, and that is why the writer chooses "rains". First, Geo-analyse the two Gas Station Receipts and the circle where the killer lives. You'll see that ARI was recording during your fight with the killer at Paco's office, and you'll also see the receipts that were in his torn pocket if you got them at the end of the fight. Silver ... As such, I highly recommend you to play the game once without the use of this guide. Character: Norman Jayden. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. All you really need is either the pistol, or the watch in the video. Platinum Goodbye Lauren; Hold My Hand; Origami Killer; Important: This chapter will not appear if Norman died in [Mad Jack] scene or in [Water tank]. Ethan kisses and then forgives Madison. Norman can choose to accuse Blake or continue looking through the evidence, but has only 10 minutes to complete his investigation. This implies that he died by choking on his own blood. Chapters 46 - 50. Norman Jayden 2. In "Solving the Puzzle," Norman must find the Origami Killerusing the clues he has collected. Furious with Blake's incompetence and Perry's disinterest, Jayden makes one last attempt to discover the identity of the Origami Killer by examining all available evidence via ARI. If Ethan has made it to the warehouse and was arrested in ". 47: Solving the Puzzle. Blake tells him to "pack up and fuck off." The game must be playe… This page of our guide to Heavy Rain describes the Killer's Place scene. Note that the chapters shown are where requirements for "Nerd" can be completed; chapters that do not affect the status of earning the trophy are left out.

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