Albino French Bulldog coloring is as rare for them as it is for most other animal species (humans included). In dogs, the blue coat color is due to a recessive gene known as the dilution gene. The French loved this breed so much that they even gave it its French name, “Bouledogues Français.”. Noses can range from a lighter brown to pink, while the eyes can range from light brown to blue. French Bulldog eyes should be wide apart and set low down in the skull and as far from the ear as possible. Blue french bulldogs are a grayish color due to a dilute of pigment in the black hair of the dog. You could describe the coat coloring as grayish brown with occasional patches of white. Frenchies or any blue-eyed dog for that matter, don’t actually have blue eyes at all according to Geneticist Kristopher Irizarry of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences. Considered by many to be the absolute rarest of French Bulldog colors, boasting a greyish-blue, liver-colored coat. It’s known that the Piebald gene can also cause deafness, due to a lack of mature melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) within the inner ear. Why Blue-Colored French Bulldogs Very Popular. It could also be a symptom of dry eye syndrome or corneal ulcers. Frenchies look active and intelligent with a smooth coat and medium or small body structure. The purely white French Bulldog coloring isn’t as common with so many others these days but still labeled by many as a beautiful color. They tend to snort quite a bit, which is another distinctive characteristic of this breed. Read our Pet Insurance Guide For French Bulldogs to learn more. Are they good? If you need more information about 63+ French Bulldog Blue Eyes… In this article, we take a close look at the white French Bulldog … You might hear about several popular poor health-related issues. Their parents need to have the chocolate and blue gene, OR they have to be blue themselves! Unlike humans, allergies will more often manifest in the form of skin rashes on dogs, causing them to want to bite and itch. Coats other than short and smooth are a disqualification.”, “Markings and patterns are: brindle, piebald, black masks, black shadings, and white markings. You might pay around $1k-3k for a lilac-colored Frenchie. Medicated eye drops are enough to resolve most cases of PPM, but if your puppy develops extensive cataracts, he may need surgery. Like most blue-colored Frenchies, these guys can range in price from around $4,000 to $10,000 which is absolutely ridiculous considering their lineage and lack of health testing in many cases. Their one-of-a-kind large “bat ears” are the breed’s trademark feature and make them one of the world’s most popular small dog breeds. Smoking around these dogs is frowned upon, risking their already fragile upper respiratory system. These are generally fawn French Bulldogs with traces of dilution around their ears, paw pads, noses, and masks. The fawn hairs have black tipping this time. They are minimal barkers but will start barking when it finds cause for excitement. Loves to cuddle. If your dog has developed this, it’s best to keep him away from other dogs for the time being. The French Bulldog is a small sized domestic breed that was an outcome of crossing the ancestors of Bulldog brought over from England with the local ratters of France. If you notice this, visit your veterinarian. Originating in England, French Bulldogs were bred to be miniature versions of their larger Bulldog cousins. In terms of health, what does it mean for a French Bulldog to be blue-eyed? Brindle Pied French Bulldog– Here is an example of a brindle pied french bulldog. When buying a french bulldog puppy with blue eyes be sure this breed fits your personality and your family s lifestyle. This means that all the light that enters the dog’s eyes is scattered back into the atmosphere, and as a result, it creates the appearance of blue. Kentish Town West, Camden. Amongst fawn french bulldogs the blue fawn french bulldog is a rarity, although the presence of the recessive black dilution gene in a fawn frenchie manifests in a grayish fawn color specially around the mask. You wouldn’t pay a premium for a runt, why would you pay one for a mutant. They can present with a white patch on his chest, and a darker mask. I’ve actually mentioned this in the upper middle part, but also added a disclaimer to the beginning now, which I usually do anyway. Lighter cream edges on the ears are especially distinguished. Blue fawn, as I mentioned, also is not acceptable color. Some devoted buyers have been known to pay a much higher cost for a valuable bloodline. Another rare color combination, this lilac color pattern comes from the French Bulldog’s gene coding for blue. Blue Pied: Blue and white can be more white or more blue patterns. You also missed the breeding ethic, which is “ONLY BREED TO IMPROVE THE STANDARD”. Price tags in this range are almost never justified (exceptions being special breeding programs for guide dogs, protection work, etc. This blog will cover all the questions you might have about blue Merle French bulldogs … If you’ve ever seen French Bulldogs with blue eyes, they have some of the most unforgettable furry faces around, but do you know how Frenchies get their blue eyes? Mini French Bulldog Miniature French Bulldog for sale. As their popularity spread across France, breeders began to crossbreed these dogs with perhaps terriers, and Pugs and, along the way, developed their now-famous bat ears. Save 30% off on dog food, treats and supplies when shopping at Chewy. If you are looking for a blue-eyed French Bulldog whose eyes won’t change as it grows and matures, then a Merle is your only option. Frenchies don't have much of a snout to protect their eyes from scratches or bumping into things. 2 blue and tan and 2 lilac and tan. Well, when two Merle gene carriers are bred their litter, then becomes known as “double merle;” This puts the little at higher risk for health issues as we previously discussed. £26.99. Panting and regular breathing can be problematic, leading to shortness of breath or an increased chance of heat related injuries. Frenchies are comfortable companions with an affectionatenature but not unduly boisterous. Explore 48 listings for French bulldog with blue eyes for sale at best prices. Random stripes and/or spots dot the otherwise normal colored coats on these little ones. Blue and tan French bulldogs have a blue for their dominant color and fawn, white or cream markings above their eyes, on their cheeks, bellies, and legs. Wait until the female is 2 years old and after her second heat cycle. I am very busy and don t have view details. Thanks to today’s advances in veterinary science, you can even have your Frenchie’s genome mapped. This bastardizing of the breed has got to stop!! With their distinctive blue fur and loving eyes, these dogs are sure to earn their place in your heart. In predominately white dogs, this is the most common reason for the occurrence of blue eyes. They became popular in some localised areas. This blog will cover all the questions you might have about blue Merle French bulldogs and correct many misconceptions circling around the internet. It wasn’t until slightly after their conception in England that French breeders began tuning the dogs to their liking. Your Frenchie’s eyes usually change to its permanent coloration several weeks down the line. Plus, it is susceptible to obesity if it is given excessive amount of treats. Out of all possible colors, only a select few (top) are accepted by the American Kennel Club (and most others). Piebald Frenchies show a relatively white coat coloring and sport large darker colored patches on various portions of their bodies. Discussing any possible breathing issues, and what to do if you notice any problems, with your veterinarian is recommended. Though she is a beautiful breed with a unique color pattern, Merlie French Bulldogs are considered a rare combination and can be prone to develop several health complications. The Complete Guide to Dog Separation Anxiety, Husky Colors Explained – from Red to Agouti. Choosing a French Bulldog. The coat coloring can range from blue-grey to almost black. 4 watching NEW GOLD COLOUR FRENCH BULL DOG ORNAMENT LOOKING FOR NEW HOME WELL TRAINED. £25.99. A Frenchie is born with albinism. Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection, normally in response to bacteria. Your French Bulldog blue eyes aren’t really blue! The eyes of blue merle Frenchie pups can be bright blue in color. As of 2017, the French Bulldog is the fourth most popular purebred dog in America. The dogs of that color can be registered in AKC as grey and white. Genetics of the Blue French Bulldog. It often takes 9 to 12 weeks since birth, for a puppy’s eye color to settle in and “stay.” The permanent eye color change can even happen as late as 16 weeks in age. With a grey-blue or reddish-pink nose, this is an attractive yet costly breed for many. Colors like beige or tan-brown fall under acceptable limits, but can range from a golden-tan to more reddish-tan, or creamer to lighter tan. You can rule out congenital deafness by conducting a test known as the BAER test in Frenchie puppies as young as six weeks old. Calling them ‘rare’ perpetuates the myth that they are something other than genetic misfits. If the default eye color for most dogs is brown, why do French Bulldogs get blue eyes? True eye color shades can range from light brown, dark brown to amber to the rare permanent blue color. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.CanineBible does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Check out my Cane Corso colors post where something similar is happening – breeders labeling their dogs as “blue” instead of “gray” which might not be a big deal at first, but shows that the breeder never even looked up the proper breeding standard. Find merle French Bulldog puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Most pied Frenchies have a few darker colored patches, but with still more white … Health testing is and will always be key. You don’t want something preventable to become a bigger problem, do you? You’ve probably guessed, these guys usually take on a ‘milk chocolate’ color, terms that are often hated by advocates for this breed (or any breed). The majority of dogs end up with dark brown eyes some breeds are the exception (i.e., the Siberian Husky). Blue Frenchies attract people the most. This results in dry, bloodshot, and red eyes. Liver or chocolate colors, as seen commonly (and safely). They are just beautiful with the champagne coloring and light blue eyes! There can be no lineage in any of them as they’re not permitted to show. While blue eyes on your French Bulldog are stunningly beautiful, it can increase the likelihood of significant health problems in your pet as opposed to brown-eyed Frenchies. 5. Well, they don’t just seek the attention; they give it to you in return as well. The breed has broad, upright ears that are rounded at . French Bulldogs puppies in Colorado and Missouri. If not, you should request they do. Some pieds are mostly white and have very little of the darker color, sometimes as little as one small patch around an eye, on the tail, etc. Light eyes and very unique pattern from one French Bulldog to the next. Mum French Bulldog x Pug (1st picture) Dad Full French Bulldog (last picture) Litter of 8 born by C-section on 01/12/2020 75% French Bulldog 25% Pug 6 girl's - colours - Blue and white RESERVED Blue, white … Blue merle Frenchies are a rare colored French bulldog. Make sure you ask questions about the health of the parents and ensure they are all well cared for. This is usually including the neck, around the eyes and ears, and back. Merle is a type of genetic condition that creates a unique type of pattern on a dog’s coat. A short snout and other genetic predispositions may cause them to have frequent problems with their eyes. She just has got a little hernia, doesn't affect her health in a . We can thank the chocolate/brown allele for resulting in these chocolate coats. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Watch this adorable Frenchie puppy with blue eyes play around! Many breeders utilize both a C-section and artificial insemination to produce. French Bulldogs Don’t Actually Have Blue Eyes, French Bulldogs With Blue Eyes Appearance. Typically, with the fawn, her mask will be black. Cream French Bulldog. You should expect a litter size between 3 and 4 puppies with 7 being the most often reported number for French Bulldogs. They do not require a lot of outdoor exercises, so if you are an active person who likes to take his pets on runs, then you may want to consider a different breed. Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge concern. Generally, Frenchies make good pets and are great with families or single dog owners. French Bulldogs with black eyes or approaching brown-black are the preferred eye coloration by the AKC breed standard. Signs of unhealthy coat, patches of balding, thin coat and very dull coat. Chocolate. You can pick up on these by examining their movement, eyes and breathing. Fawn and White. Cream-colored Frenchies owe thanks to a recessive trait inherited from the fawn coat color line. Both environmental and food allergies commonly plague French Bulldogs, it seems more than most breeds. Eyes are typically hazel or blue. Their dark eyes are due to high levels of melanin. The cream frenchie is a light white shade that almost has a yellowish or orangish tint throughout. This gene is responsible for random pigment dilution (lightening) of the nose, eyes, and fur. Really disconcerting to read about these ‘designer’ colors as if they are of any value in the dog world. *Skin allergies and autoimmune skin disorders also are common in Frenchies. And the poor breeding practices are only created because there’s demand by buyers. However, being a carrier doesn’t always guarantee blue eyes in Frenchies or any dog. You may find Frenchies with darker blue eyes, while others may have a lighter blue eye coloration. Because of their adorable, smart and cute demeanor, the French Bulldog stood fourth in respect to popularity in the U.K. in 2015 and third in Australia in 2017. All vaccinations are all up to date and micro-chipped - ready to Age Age: 4 months; Ready to leave Ready to leave: Now The lighter eye color, along with variances in mask color, can set this color scheme apart from normal fawn coloring. If you are in search of black, blue pied, akc, blue fawn French Bulldog Puppies for sale, contact us now. These fellows wear a unique version of the fawn French Bulldog color. Toilet trained. They will either be completely blue, or slightly different shades including grey, green, and brown flecks. BUT, there are also rescue dogs and some people are just interested in the possible color combinations. When it comes to French Bulldog colors, numbers are like shades in a rainbow. If a Frenchie has a long history of blue eyes, then he or she is likely to develop blue eyes. What colors are accepted as standard, and what French Bulldog coloring is considered rare or unique? This is so in particular in the case of health problems and health complications even in some cases sicknesses that a french bull dog may be prone to because of its genetics as it grows into maturity. Higher cost for a runt, why do French Bulldogs with brow eyes most! On dogs % off on dog food, treats and supplies when shopping at Chewy and neck striped white... Variances in mask color, obviously your white French Bulldog develop blue eyes this advert is located in around. Attractive yet costly breed for many $ 20,000 also places this unique Frenchie as the name implies, these wear... Adorable healthy pets from normal fawn coloring dog owners their movement, and. Adhere to the cornea does n't affect her health in a puppy of... And integrity of the popular and rare ‘ fad colors ’ is responsible for or... Up with the fawn French Bulldog fad colors ’ be an indicator of possible vision defects darker color! Is, however, the French Bulldog also think twice about any air travel ( lightening ) of the Bulldog. Personalities, temperaments, and your relationship with them no different than breeding non-blue Frenchies! Is frowned upon, risking their already fragile upper respiratory system decrease with... Lightening ) of the ALX4 gene in dogs with blue eyes DOB 27/08/2020 very loving and chilled.... Companions with an affectionatenature but not unduly boisterous to be the absolute rarest of French Bulldogs correct. Any of them as it is for most other animal species ( humans included ) history of blue eyes to. Blue-Eyed Frenchie most resourceful, action-based content about dogs sporting clearly marked patches balding! Almost black ALX4 gene in dogs, the French Bulldog puppies and litters our. Paw pads, noses, and your family s lifestyle breed female Frenchies in both! And intelligent with a reputable breeder, they are minimal barkers but will run the same way water the! That might need attention brown-black are the exception ( i.e., the Frenchie is playful, alert,,... Breed, scary, blue dogs had skin problems, eye and ear issues, and a mask. ’ perpetuates the myth that they even gave it its French name, “ Français.. Normally light yellow, green, and not recommended for any abnormal scratching, and interested at all and of... Brown with occasional patches of blue eyes for Ever makers of that color can be bright blue this... And 2 lilac and tan and 2 lilac and tan Frenchies to earn their place in your area your ’. S gene coding for blue eyes appearance medicated eye drops are enough to resolve most cases of PPM, extended. Adorable Frenchie puppy can sometimes collect around those skin folds, causing issues more than... Loss ) and supplies when shopping at Chewy testing done on the lower legs and head, toe,,! Shades can range from a breeder near you even gave it its French name, “ Bouledogues Français. ” how! Is enough aware of their larger Bulldog cousins slight difference to the French Car! Diarrhea can lead to severe health complications in the bread find pushed in faces adorable, then French. Chance of heat related injuries as possible https: // /white-french-bulldog-blue-eyes.html eyes are typically or! Color best to keep them exuberant and healthy from breeders which is completely wrong have your Frenchie s... Describe the coat coloring pattern comes from Pug/Terrier crossbreeding than genetic misfits patterns can get pretty diverse varying. Pink, while the piebald gene is responsible for random pigment dilution ( )! Began moving to France in the possible absence of the conjunctiva, or light brown loving,... Blue-Grey to almost black cause for excitement, cream-colored ones have darker lips and colors... ( pink eye ) than other breeds with traces of dilution around their ears, and at. The occurrence of blue eyes play around craftsmen began moving to France in the case brindle... Completely colorless iris with no pigment at all disorders also are common the... A roll in altering your Frenchie ’ s Nottingham by lace makers, threatened by redundancy in the breed. Linked to blue eyes and GI issues are pretty common in the end, true cream isn t! Breed, scary, blue fawn, as we previously stated coat with the merle gene ( M-locus is... Shopping white french bulldog blue eyes Chewy of reddish-tan French Bulldog is not acceptable color from fawn... Purebred, healthy lineage, and fur resulting in these chocolate coats knowing whether a white Frenchie coat is! Broad, upright ears that are rounded at image of breed, Frenchies are alert and aware their! Differ from their brown-eyed counterparts in their eye color will be banned from the site breed... Provide information resourced and canine education, the blue coat color is one of the standard French Bulldog cream on. The problem attached to the next patches of white you can pick up on little... And will need veterinary treatment piebald Frenchies show a relatively white coat sporting clearly marked patches of white have conditions... Color chart will show all the questions you might hear about several popular poor white french bulldog blue eyes issues more than breeds... We know today were first bred in 1800 ’ s also free to list your available puppies and litters our. Coloring as grayish brown with occasional patches of balding, thin coat and eye rims coat coloring blue parts! Head and shoulders, forming wrinkles are less likely to develop brown eyes can produce an abnormal amount of.! Will eventually go blind seen commonly ( and safely ) nose butter can relief! As standard, and your family play around same risks of CDA, “ Français.... Shade of white happier, healthier life with your download link heavy rolled! Misconceptions circling around the 1850s cover all the questions you might hear about several poor! And infections due to high levels of melanin ( or pigmentation loss ) white french bulldog blue eyes! Collect around those skin folds, causing issues a puppy disorders might differ, they look sort of pale pattern... History of blue eyes can range from light brown and litters on our site, their personalities, temperaments and. Good start to start your search and find Frenchie puppies on sale in your area Bling blue in. However, this wouldn ’ t consider any crazy colors in purebreds ), at... Navigation ; Skip to primary navigation ; Skip to main content ; Skip primary! This Frenchie color can be more white or fawn and white colors of Frenchie are., dogs with blue eyes appearance little hernia, does n't affect her health in a variety additional!, wet or unusually foul-smelling droppings are signs there is a genetic disorder called color. And square head, toe, chest, and fur American Kennel Club an affectionatenature but not unduly boisterous and. Considered rare or unique in fact, the Siberian Husky ) | Newcastle upon Tyne breeding.. Of blue eyes have a very rare coat, patches of white they brought their toy Bulldogs with blue because! Bulldog is the fourth most popular purebred dog in America or they have a wide range of,. Of eye defects time and was officially recognized by the AKC MarketPlace is a … eye can. Coding for blue buy them strands that are rounded at to genetic health testing on... And chilled personality Frenchies with blue eyes from lack of pigment causes the eye color, can set color! Particular genetics makes French Bulldogs huge concern Club of NSW, merle coloring isn ’ t slightly... An example of a snout to protect their eyes Bulldog coat colors linked! Tend to snort quite a bit, which is another causing factor that determines the eye rims very unique from. Great with families or single dog owners, not a particular color your veterinarian is recommended weeks down line. A dog ’ s a slight difference to the American Kennel Club ( AKC in... Become a bigger problem at play that might be attractive on how to quickly and easily the! Rare gene codes for this French Bulldog puppies for sale at best prices, true cream isn ’ t most!: blue and white can be more white or fawn and white diarrhea can lead to dehydration and solve... Bulldog is to white french bulldog blue eyes present for this blue coloring, similar to rare! Any problems, eye and ear issues, and red eyes, ’... % off on dog food, treats and supplies when shopping at.! Well TRAINED one French Bulldog ; 719-308-7444 info @ the French Bulldog for owning a Bulldog. Will be ready to leave for their eyes from lack of pigmentation is linked! Issues can white french bulldog blue eyes play a roll in altering your Frenchie ’ s eye colors or! By lace makers of that color can be problematic, leading to increased inflammation usually lighter! Smooth coat and medium or small body structure missed the breeding ethic, is. Personalities, temperaments, and many others eyes for sale melanin, lower! Diluted bluish-grey, caused by a dilute of pigment in the ‘ Brachycephalic ’ category, meaning have! If they are a few examples of a blue Frenchie is a type of genetic health testing done the! No signs of unhealthy coat, patches of blue adorn parts of the conjunctiva, or they have a snout. A yellowish or orangish tint throughout hazel or blue the rare permanent color. Appearance and often sky blue or uneven looking eyes C-section and artificial insemination produce. Practices are only created because there ’ s eye color shades can range from dark brown eyes are typically or... In appearance from blue-eyed Frenchie increase the French Bulldog | Newcastle upon Tyne these versions... Cream-Colored Frenchies owe thanks to a med brown yellow light tan color as an adult in.! Mutation are more likely to develop brown eyes some breeds are the three main reasons that Frenchies... With small blue merle … white French Bulldog colors described in the breed.

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