However, most state still allow parents to use a religious defense if their child dies because prayer was used instead of medical treatment. Baby died of meningitis 'after parents tried to treat him with herbal remedies' The couple allegedly only sought medical help after their child stopped breathing What seems like an easy decision for one parent is often a difficult decision for another parent. For example, parents need to decide when to seek medical care and treatment for their sick child or whether or not to vaccinate a healthy child. Every day parents face difficult medical decisions regarding their minor children. The first scenario I will address is where medical treatment is necessary to keep the child alive, but is being declined, either by the parents or the child herself. A tale of a preventable cancer death Alfie's parents want to transport their child to a Roman hospital for treatment (CNN) — Judges on the UK Court of Appeal once again ruled against 23-month-old Alfie Evans’ family. Read more: Hearing begins for Lansing parents charged in death of newborn after refusing treatment State seizes another child In July 2018, a year and a half after Abigail died… Medical decision-making in the paediatric population is complicated by the wide variation in physical and psychological development that occurs as children progress from infancy to adolescence. In a study conducted by Asser and Rita Swan, president of CHILD, Inc, an organization that seeks to end child abuse through religious or cultural practices, it was determined that out of 172 children who died because of religion-based medical neglect, 140 of them would have had a 90 percent chance of survival. Noah is the 3-year-old child of Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball. Parents and legal guardians are the de facto decision-makers in early infancy, but thereafter, the roles of parents/legal guardians and paediatric patients become ever more complex. Shannon’s parents were then convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment [11]. According to doctors, there are simply no other viable options for their child's care. A Florida toddler with cancer is in state custody after his parents failed to bring him to scheduled chemotherapy appointments while they were pursuing other treatment options. Makayla Sault, the 11-year-old Ontario First Nation girl who refused chemotherapy to pursue traditional indigenous medicine and other alternative treatments, has died. Now, another child who with proper medical treatment had a much better chance of surviving than dying has died because she and her parents chose quackery over effective treatment, and another is heading that way. Shannon’s case was unique because the right for a minor to refuse medical care was invoked as a defense against criminal charges after her death, rather than in … Boy dies of leukemia after refusing treatment for religious reasons Because of his faith, Dennis Lindberg, 14, didn't want vital transfusions; his biological parents did.

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